3 in 1 Cologne Specialities: Perfume, Chocolate & Kölsch

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3 in 1 Cologne Specialities: Perfume, Chocolate & Kölsch

On this tour, we will discover 3 in 1 Cologne Specialities. The day will start in front of the Cologne Cathedral, from where you will visit the famous Stollwerck Chocolate Museum that nowadays is run by the Swiss chocolate maker Lindt.
In this museum visit, you will learn about the early history of chocolate and see how it is produced in modern times. From here, it is only walking distance to get to Farina Fragrance Museum, where you will have a guided 60min tour. For centuries the Farina Family produces their original ‘Cologne’ perfume here, but from the beginning 20th century on, Cologne’s old town stands not only for the Cologne but for its unique brewing tradition as well.
Still today the ‘Kölsch’ is the #1 beer in the Cologne area, so when strolling the old town you will hear about the theory of Kölsch brewing – how it all began and why Cologne brewers once sat down to create a ‘Kölsch Convention’.
After the theory you will get into practice: you will visit one or two local Cologne breweries and have some active product testing there!


5 hours

What’s included

– Private guide
– Entrance fees
– 2 Kölsch beer

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