A day in Normandy

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A day in Normandy

Visit the major ‘DDay’ sites of Normandy in a day from Paris.
On this tour you will see the Landing Beaches in Normandy including Arromanches where the remains of a Mulberry harbor are, which was used as a “temporary” port to disembark an army with all the men and supplies necessary to liberate Europe.
We will stop on the site of the powerful German battery at Longues-sur-mer, their 150 mm guns were still operational on the morning of 6 June and they began firing at the allied battleships.
Continuing the tour towards Omaha Beach and to the moving Normandy American cemetery where 9385 Carrara marble crosses stand aligned. A memorial, inscribed with a map of the operations stands in the central alley and in the back, you will find there is a museum.
Driving along the beach we will stop to show you some of the German bunkers and machine-gun nests.
One of the most impressive site in Normandy, is perhaps Pointe du Hoc where the 2nd Rangers battalion captured the position by assault at dawn on June 6th, scaling the cliffs with ropes and extendible ladders.


– Arromanches
– Omaha beach and the Normandy American cemetery
– Pointe du Hoc


12 hours

What’s included

– Guiding services
– Private transportation
– Lunch

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