Around the Beautiful Algarve Region Day Trip

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Around the Beautiful Algarve Region Day Trip

Algarve; the name is of Arabic origin – “Al-Gharb” – which means The West. Historically, the region has been inhabited by many different civilizations; the Barbarians, the Romans and the Moors.
Under Islamic rule for over five centuries (711-1249 ), the Moors had an extraordinary influence over this land. Throughout their long dominion, the Algarve flourished culturally and economically. The magnificent Silves was once an important Muslim centre of culture, science and technology. Silves redbrick castle (XI century) reflects the splendor that Islamic civilization brought to the Algarve.
Monchique, a luxurious foliage spreads over the mountain, travelling through peaks and cozy valleys, we will be rewarded with fabulous scenic views and the exuberant floral beauty of this region.
Lagos is historically intertwined with the Portuguese maritime explorers. From here, brave sailors departed to discover the North of Africa. Due to its local geography, it became a very important mercantile town in the 15th century.


– City of Silves: A Thousand year old Moorish Red Castle, (XI Century, Islamic Period) ; Ancient Portuguese Cathedral
– Monchique Mountain: Luxurious Green Mountain & Highest point in the Algarve, Great Views
– City of Lagos: Has Strong ties to the Portuguese Maritime Explorers leaded by Henry the Navigator; Europe’s First Slave Market!
– Cape S. Vincent: Located on a Nature Reserve, its the most South-West point of Mainland Europe, known to be the “End of the World”


10 hours

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– Guiding Services
– Private Transportation

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