Castel del Monte and Bari History Tour

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Castel del Monte and Bari History Tour

This private tour visits the old town of Bari and the mysterious Castel del Monte.
After meeting your private driver and guide you will drive to the old town of Bari.
The industrialized port city of Bari was founded during the Bronze Age on a small promontory, which today, is the old town of Bari. Here you will find narrow alleys and breathtaking views of the sea. Bari grew and increased its economic importance after the Roman conquest and construction of the “Via Appia” road.
Bari experienced a happy and rich period when ruled by the Normans. On May 9, 1087 the body of St. Nicholas was brought to Bari making it one of the three main places of Christianity during the time. The Norman Castle which is the largest building in the region is here. The castle was changed throughout history so you may recognise medieval and Renaissance additions.
The Cathedral was built between the 12th and 13th centuries on what remained of a previous Byzantine cathedral. It is one of the largest Romanesque buildings in the Apulia region. The Cathedral is named for San Savino who is buried in the cathedral’s crypt which is supported by 28 columns with Byzantine and Romanesque capitals. Beneath here the relics of St. Nicholas are housed.
The Castel del Monte was built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II around the year 1240. Sitting on a hill at an elevation of about 1, 600 feet, you will enjoy beautiful views of the countryside and the sea from here.
The outer walls are each 75 feet high and the bastions about 80 feet high. In 1996, the Castel del Monte was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and today it is shown on the reverse side of the Italian issued one cent Euro coin. After visiting the castle you return to the pier in Bari.


7 hours

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