Discover Castelli Romani: a Day Trip to Rome’s countryside

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Discover Castelli Romani: a Day Trip to Rome’s countryside

Departing from your hotel, we’ll start our day visiting Castelli Romani: Rome’s countryside.

Our first stop will be the charming town of Nemi. One of the most well-preserved and pristine medieval towns in the province of Rome perched on a steep hill overlooking the gorgeous lake of the same name.
The small town of Nemi is also renamed with the appellative of the strawberry village as there actually are many strawberries that grow in this area and it’s a real pride for the citizens of the city. 
The largest temple complex of Italy was built here dedicated to the goddess of the moon and hunt: Diana and the local museum holds the artifacts of the temple and the relics from two massive ships that were uncovered in their opulent glory in Lake Nemi by Mussolini, unfortunately mostly destroyed during WWII.
Before driving to our next adventure, we can’t leave without tasting the incredible Nemi strawberries called ‘Fragoline di Bosco‘ (wild strawberries).
We will make a stop for a lunch break in Ariccia, 10 minutes away from Nemi, which is one of the favorite destinations for food and wine lovers to have the famous “Porchetta di Ariccia”, Italian culinary tradition, which is a savory, boneless typical dish made of pork roast. 
After lunch, we will visit Castel Gandolfo, the town which has played host to Popes for 400 years as they escaped the hot Roman summers.
We will have beautiful views of the lake and as we walk to the Apostolic Palace you will see small charming shops along the way.
Inside the palace, you can admire the architecture by Carlo Maderno, portraits of past Popes, and real examples of some of their most vibrant ceremonial garb. You will also have the chance to see rooms that have only recently opened up to the public including the private chapel and the Pope’s bedroom.


10 hours

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Strawberry Tasting

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