Celtic Saints of Ireland Tour

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Celtic Saints of Ireland Tour

The Celtic Prayer Garden is situated on the Donegal side of the border with Derry. It is set in six acres of natural bogland and its purpose is to honor the men and women of Ireland’s “Golden Age” of the 5th – 12th centuries and to renew interest in the characteristics of Celtic spirituality so that using them, the visitor will also be renewed.
Here you will take a step back in time to an Ireland of saints and scholars, a people who had a very strong sense of creation, a robust attitude to religious practice and who believed in a close relationship with nature. Walk back in time to an era when holy men and women built their cell at, or close by to places deemed sacred by the Celts; bogs, springs, and groves. Indeed the name Derry derives from the Irish – Doire Colmcille which means St Columba’s Oak-grove, a sacred place where he built his monastery. Visit the reconstructed Irish Celtic round tower where you experience the secure nature of these bell towers which were places of safety and security for our early ancestors and their valuable goods as well as delivering the call to prayer. Walk into and experience early Celtic monastic life, simple and solitary.

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