In the Footsteps of the Vikings tour

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In the Footsteps of the Vikings tour

On this tour in Copenhagen, you will discover Danish history by visiting the Viking Ship Museum, the Roskilde Cathedral, and Lejre Museum. At the Viking Ship Museum, you will see original Viking ships, which were used to travel to faraway places for war and trade as they were superb shipbuilders and sailors. 
You will also see Roskilde Cathedral, the most important church in Denmark, the official royal burial church of the Danish monarchs and a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you will hear stories about the Viking kings Harald Bluetooth and Sweyn Forkbeard.
We will also visit the Lejre Museum, a small museum that brings history to life located in the national park Skjoldungernes Land, where you will taste the Viking drink mead. You will also explore one of the best-kept burial chambers from around 3000 BC, Øm Passage Grave.


6 hours

What’s included

– Private Transportation
– Guiding Services

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