Copenhagen’s Canals Tour

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Copenhagen’s Canals Tour

On this tour, you will discover the hidden gems that are off the beaten track from the standard path. Expect to get an introduction to areas that are cool, local, and where you get a great sense of what life in Copenhagen is all about. We will take a southern route or Northern route depending on what is going on in the harbor at your specific departure day.
During the route, we will make a stop and get out of the boat to explore. We will point out our favorite places and hidden gems, whether you are looking for a place for having an afternoon beer in the sun, a relaxed morning coffee, or simply an area to relax away from it all.
As we explore the upcoming areas away from the inner part of the city you will see how former industrial buildings are being transformed into new spaces, where new and old are mixed in new architectural structures. Some of these are designed by famous architects like Bjarke Ingels and some by new upcoming talents. You will get an understanding of how design and living play an essential role for the new development of Copenhagen and an essential part of the Danish lifestyle.


3 hours

What’s included

– Guiding Services
– Private Boat ride
– Drink onboard.

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