Cork: the “Rebel County” Half-Day Tour

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Cork: the “Rebel County” Half-Day Tour

Hear the stories of Cork’s rebels and villains amidst the stunning scenery of the Irish countryside.
Cork is not simply a load of Blarney! This tour reveals the deeper and untold history of Cork by taking you to the gems that others never see.
The tour starts in the medieval period when the construction of castles and monasteries flourished and visit a fifteenth-century Irish Franciscan monastery.
You will also visit a Famine gravesite, the location of a War of Independence battle site, and the place where Michael Collins, leader of the Free State, was shot dead in the closing days of the Irish Civil War.
On this the drive through the gorgeous Cork countryside you will see and hear in song and story the many different lives that form the tapestry of Cork history. The story of one Catholic soldier of fortune killed over the value of his horse and a woman who wrote one of the most powerful laments in the Irish language for him.
There are just two of the people that color this tour into the history of the Rebel County and the people who made it.


6 hours

What’s included

– Guiding Services
– Private Transportation
– Entrance Fees

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