Discover Delphi & the Osios Loukas Monastery Tour

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Discover Delphi & the Osios Loukas Monastery Tour

In this tour you’ll have the chance to visit two Unesco monuments well-known all over the world.
You will experience the mysteries of Delphi and the 11th century monastery of Osios Loukas, from antiquities to a byzantine monastery in few hours.
The archaeological museum of Delphi has some unique exhibits that were decorating the Sanctuary of Apollo and some good reconstructions of the old buildings. Worthwile to see the rare photos of the excavations by the French archaeological school of Athens.
The Archaeological site was built in an imposing location, on the foothills of mount Parnasous. The Temple of Apollo, the treasury house of the Athenians, the Polygonal wall and the Theatre are some of the most important building.
The Hosios Loukas Monastery (Moni Osios Loukas) is an exquisite example of a Byzantine-era monastery, now preserved as a museum. Founded in the early 10th-century by the hermit monk Luke Stiris, whose tomb is still housed on the premises, the complex comprises two beautifully conserved churches located in a suitably dramatic setting on the tree-lined slopes of Mount Helicon. First up is the Katholikón of Ósios Loukás, the larger of the two churches and renowned for its elaborate 11th-century interiors, a masterpiece of colored marble, vivid frescoes and extraordinary mosaics, including icons by 16th-century painter Michael Damaskinos. The neighboring Chapel of Theotókos is Greece’s only remaining 10th-century church and is most impressive from outside, with its classical Byzantine structure and elaborate brickwork.


5 hours

What’s included

– Guided services
– Entrance fees

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