Londonderry Historical and Political Walking Tour

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Londonderry Historical and Political Walking Tour

This short walking tour will take on a historical and political journey that will incorporate Derry’s Walls, the Bogside murals and Bloody Sunday.
It will begin with St. Colmcille, the Nine Years War, the Plantation of Ulster, the Siege of Derry, the 1798 Rebellion and The Great Hunger and emigration.
Later you will immerse in the heart of the Bogside district of Derry, the crucible of the modern-day conflict in Ireland. This will start at Free Derry Wall and take you around the Bogside murals and the site of the massacre of Bloody Sunday.
We’ll finish at the Bloody Sunday monument in view of the Derry Walls, looking at the key periods leading up to and during the ‘troubles’.


2 hours

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