Epidaurus and Napflio Highlights in a Day

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Epidaurus and Napflio Highlights in a Day

The peaceful inland of Epidaurus and its perfect climate, it’s home to the sanctuary of the god-physician Asklepios, which is the most famous healing center of the Greek world.
Its fame and recognition quickly spread beyond the limits of the Argolis as it is considered the birthplace of medicine.
Epidaurus is also the most beautiful and well preserved ancient theatre in Greece.
The next stop is the breathtaking and very popular town of Nafplio, which owes its establishment to the famous sailor and member of the Argonauts. We will walk along with the Castle of Acronafplia, erected for the first time in the late 3rd century BC and it took its current form after additions of the Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, and Turkish conquerors.


5 hours

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