Italy’s Lockdown Phase Two: What’s changing?

Today Italy is entering “Phase Two” after the 78 days lockdown that was imposed on 10 March.

Even though you still need to carry a form indicating the reason for being outside, during this phase, people are allowed to travel within the Italian region in which they are currently living.

This phase now includes also visiting congiunti (Relatives) in their region in addition to grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy/doctor), or to carry out sports or physical activities outdoors.

People may move beyond the vicinity of their homes to go jogging, maintaining an interpersonal space of at least two meters, or one meter if walking and to get there,  public or private transportation is allowed.

Walks are permitted, keeping a one-meter distance with others, or two meters if jogging. However, picnics, parties, group sporting activities, or gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited and children’s playgrounds will remain closed.

Masks must be worn on streets in enclosed public spaces and when it is not possible to maintain a one-meter distance from others.

Supermarkets are allowed to go back to their normal opening hours and they can remain open until 21.30.

Regarding the public transport network in Rome, they will be running until 23.30 each day from 4 May but they will be operating at a 50% reduction in capacity, in terms of seating/standing, which could lead to significant delays.

After announcing 150 km of new bike lanes in Rome last Saturday, the use of bicycles is allowed to reach your place of work and shops but it is also permitted for exercise so long as you observe the prescribed interpersonal safety distance.

As a travel agency based in Rome, we will keep you updated on any changes in Italy in the upcoming days and share with you any new information we receive.

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