Monsaraz Highlights Day Trip

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Monsaraz Highlights Day Trip

This tour will bring you among the history, heritage and culture, arts and crafts and incredible wines of the Alentejo region!
The first stop will be São Pedro do Corval, a small typical village considered the largest potter’s center in Portugal, with more than two dozen potteries in operation, where you see and admire how clay is shaped by the experienced hands of a master potters.
With Monsaraz in sight, it’s time to admire the “Xerez” cromlech, a prehistoric monument and one of the oldest vestiges of human presence in this area, erected between the beginning of the 4th and middle of 3rd Millennium BC, related to sacred rituals.
Walking through its narrow streets of slate it’s time to experience the romantic atmosphere of Monsaraz. It’s a walled and medieval village, where the castle still stands proud guarding the Alentejo landscape, from where we can admire the immensity of the largest lake in Europe – the “Alqueva” lake.
After lunch, we will visit one of the best wineries in the region: some recovered ancient Roman techniques to produce wines in clay amphorae. Then, of course, you will enjoy a great wine tasting.

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