Enjoy a Beer Tour in the Beer’s world capital!

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Enjoy a Beer Tour in the Beer’s world capital!

Germans love beer and love good beer!… and Munich is possibly the greatest beer destination and beer’s world capital!
Several factors combine to make it so:
more than 20 different styles of Beer, 4000 brands, the highest rate of per-capite consumption in the country (40% more than the national average), the oldest food law in the world, the largest beer festival in the world,
large clamorous beer halls, the most famous of which is Hofbrauhaus, which may be a tourist trap but, with its live Bavarian music and terrific platters of German cuisine, is a place worth getting trapped in.
If you want to taste real good beer, know how it is brewed, discover, and taste its different styles, if you want to know more about Munich beer culture, this tour is for you!!
The tour includes the visit of a microbrewery with beer and food tasting!!!
You will start your tour of the city center, where you will visit the Hofbrauhaus, the Augustiner am Dom, the Schneider Brauhaus, then you will move to the eastern area of Munich.
Visit of a Craft Brewery, lunch, or eventually dinner and taste of three different types of beer.
Ending in a Tap House.


5 hours

What’s included

– Craft brewery tour,
– 3 samples of beer,
– Platter of German food,
– Guiding Services

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