New European Union Website for Updated Travel Information

The European Union has launched the website to give detailed, country-specific information about potential travel restrictions, what services are open and the latest news on the coronavirus spread; and it’s available in 24 languages.

This website along with an app aims to help tourists choose their holiday destination this summer as borders have reopened across the territory.

You can select your preferred language and country of destination on the website and after you click on “go!” You will find an interactive map providing the latest information on:

  • Is travel into the country for tourism purposes possible?
  • Are non-essential (other than medicine and food) shops open?
  • Are there any risk areas under lockdown in this country?
New European Union Website for Updated Travel Information

For example, in Italy (see below), the health situation is qualified as “green” by the EU at this point, which means that there are no areas in the country that are currently under lockdown, and you can also see from which countries the borders are open to.

New European Union Website for Updated Travel Information

The EU is still debating which other countries will be allowed to enter on July 1st when the bloc’s international borders are scheduled to be opened and who will be forbidden.

The list has already aroused controversy after sources revealed that the United States, Brazil, and Russia are part of the list of forbidden countries.

We will keep you updated when we have new information regarding the opening of the borders to more countries, including the US.

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