Otranto & Santa Maria di Leuca City Tour

Otranto & Santa Maria di Leuca City Tour

This amazing tour will take you on a drive along the Adriatic coast from Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca: the southern point of Puglia.

Otranto is located in the province of Lecce and is part of the Salento area along the east coast on the Adriatic Sea and is the easternmost town in Italy.
We will visit the old town of Otranto that was declared by UNESCO as “Heritage witness to a culture of peace”. While walking around the town, the ancient walls and the Aragonese Castle can be admired. The castle is a massive building which is part of the tough defenses of Otranto. It was built in the 15th century on one of Frederick II’s earlier fortresses ruins.
Another masterpiece of Baroque architecture we’ll discover is the Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta, consecrated in 1088. It has a huge rose window and the interior has columns said to come from a temple of Minerva and a fine mosaic pavement of 1166. It’s one of the largest mosaics in the world and depicts the “tree of life” with interesting representations of the months and Old Testament subjects. The Cathedral also has a crypt supported by 42 marble columns.

Most of the day will be spent driving alongside the coast on the South of Otranto enjoying the stunning views of the rugged coastline, the saturated colors of an exhausted bauxite mine, the lighthouse of Palascia (the southeasternmost cape of Italy), the coastal watching towers, the bay of Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea Terme (with the eclectic Apulian liberty style villas), Castro (with the small port and the fortified hamlet of Castrum Minervae dating back from the pre-roman age), the fiord of Ciolo, Tricase Porto, S. Maria di Leuca with the Basilica di S. Maria de Finibus Terrae.


8 hours

What’s included

– Guiding Services
– Private Transportation

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