Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius in a day

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Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius in a day

If you want to learn about the ancient Romans’ way of being and living, their habits and culture and to admire the extraordinary power of Mount Vesuvius, this is the tour for you.
Driving from Naples to Pompeii, you will be flanking the slope of the Volcano Vesuvius on the left and on the right you will enjoy the entire Bay of Naples.
On a walking tour in Pompeii you will see Porta Marina, the Basilica, the Forum, the Market Place and the Granaries, the Public Bath, a Pistrinum (bakery).
After the visit we will drive up to explore Mount Vesuvius, and on the way up to the Crater, we will stop on the slope of the Volcano to enjoy a typical lunch, overlooking the Bay.
On the way up, there are chances to observe some volcanic rocks and the local flora. Once there, you can start your climbing to the craters and it takes approximately 25 minutes to enjoy the view of the bottom of the crater and of the Bay of Naples.


8 hours

What’s included

– Guiding Services.
– Private Transportation.
– Entrance Fees.
– Meals.

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