Potsdam Day Trip

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Potsdam Day Trip

Located about 40 km outside of Berlin you will discover Potsdam, a city with breathtaking lakes and gardens and roughly 20 palaces that survived the bombings of WWII.
It was the perfect place to host the planned “Berlin Conference” held by the victorious powers from July 17 to August 2, 1945 because of its location, in which Churchill, Stalin, and Truman met in Cecilienhof to seal the fate of a divided Europe for the next half-century.
Starting with the “Bridge of Spies” to continue with the charming park of Sanssouci and its Rococo Palace you will be visiting what once was the summer home of Frederick the Great, former King of Prussia, and know more about the legacy of the Hohenzollern family.
Berlin without Potsdam is like Paris without Versailles – so don’t miss this opportunity!


– San Souci
– Cecilienhof Palace
– 18th Century Dutch Quarter
– Former Stasi prison
– The Church of Peace
– Marley garden
– The Glienicke Bridge
– The new gardens


8 hours

What’s included

– Guiding services
– Entrance fees
– Meals
– Private Transportation

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