Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Half-Day Tour

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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Half-Day Tour

In the summer of 1936, Berlin was hosting the Olympic games, and the world was united in celebrating Olympic values such as friendship, excellence, and respect to all nations, but at the same time, 20 miles north of Berlin, a new SS concentration camp was built.
Sachsenhausen concentration camp existed from 1936 to 1945 and was primarily used for political prisoners. After World War II the camp was used by the Soviet Union.
It had a leading role in the Nazi suppressive system and it hosted a training center for the Nazi SS.
Located in close proximity to Berlin, Sachsenhausen allows Berlin visitors a rare opportunity to observe the Nazi’s terror and death regime and on this tour, you will receive comprehensive background information about the camp, its role within the Nazi, and Soviet regime, and the victims.


5 hours

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– Guiding Services
– Private Transportation

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