The Fabulous Faberge Museum tour

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The Fabulous Faberge Museum tour

On this tour, you will browse a collection of masterpieces made by the famed House of Fabergé, which includes bejeweled eggs created for the imperial family and countless other objects of art.
After departing from the pier, you will drive to Shuvalov Palace, a magnificent architectural gem on the Fontanka River. Here, billionaire Viktor Vekselberg has placed his priceless collection of Fabergé Eggs on display for the general public.
As you will discover, Shuvalov Palace is a truly fitting setting for the world’s largest collection of works by the House of Fabergé, master jewelers whose clients included the Russian tsars. Included in the display are fifteen Fabergé eggs, nine of which are the famous Imperial Fabergé eggs previously owned by the Romanov family.
As you stroll through the gloriously restored palace, you will see one masterpiece after another, including those once owned by the imperial family. One particularly well-known egg commemorates the coronation of Nicholas II and features a miniature carriage that is an exact replica of the one that carried the tsar during his coronation. 


4 hours

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