Trani Highlights Half-Day Tour

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Trani Highlights Half-Day Tour

On this highlights walking tour, we will take a stroll through the old town of Trani.
It’s a historic fishing port and a lovely place to explore, wander or relax. The town is reminiscent of 1950s films set in old-fashioned seaside Italy: historic buildings fading with casual charm, fish markets, and boats in the harbor.
We will visit the Cattedrale di San Nicola Pellegrino, which dominates the seashore from a spectacular position at the water’s edge. Dating to the twelfth century, the cathedral is dedicated to St. Nicholas the Pilgrim (a different St. Nicholas to the famous saint venerated in nearby Bari.) and is one of the most renowned sights of Puglia. The exterior is chiefly Romanesque in style, with a tall elongated facade, rose windows, and a stately campanile. 
Near the cathedral is the church museum, the Museo Diocesano, which exhibits a collection of sculpture and archaeological finds from Trani’s churches.
We’ll take a pleasant walk around the harbor where we will enjoy great views back towards the cathedral and since the town has a working fishing port, seafood is a specialty here. Fishermen sell their fresh catch along the waterfront, and we will sample some of this if you like, or we can sit with a drink or snack along the waterfront and by the cathedral.


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