Calcata & Bracciano Day Trip

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Calcata & Bracciano Day Trip

We will depart from Rome to the mysterious town of Calcata. The history of this craggy north Lazio town dates back almost 3, 000 years. It was condemned in the 1930s by the Fascist-era government over fears of its impending collapse, and all residents were relocated by the 1960s. However in the 1970s Calcata received a new lease of life when artists began squatting in its abandoned houses and caves. Calcata retains this hippy atmosphere today and there are numerous restaurants and craft shops to browse, as well as the nearby waterfalls of Monte Gelato. Several alleys lead to viewpoints on the edge of the crags, looking over woodland and the odd ruin. Some of Calcata’s houses are built right into the rock, forming cave-dwellings.
Later, we will drive to Bracciano, a hilltop town overlooks the volcanic Lake Bracciano to enjoy a wonderful lunch surrounded by nature. In addition to its water sports and lakeside views, Bracciano is known for its medieval Odescalchi Castle


7 hours

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– Guiding Services
– Private Transportation

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