Ostia Antica Day Trip

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Ostia Antica Day Trip

Travel back in time to Rome as it was in 200 AD on your private half-day Ostia Antica tour. Known as “the better Pompeii”, Ostia Antica offers a fascinating insight into life in the Roman empire.
Once we arrive, you will be on the spot where the Tiber River and sea intersected, Ostia Antica served as Rome’s main port. Toga-clad Romans would have been bustling through the streets you see today, working to protect the main city or to receive the olive oil, wine, grain, and other treasures from the far-flung points of the Empire and many others were vacationing. In fact, the same characteristics that tempted ancient Romans to vacation in Ostia still apply, from the cool sea breezes to the tranquility, making Ostia Antica the perfect escape from Rome even today!


4 hours

What’s included

– Private Transportation
– Guiding Services
– Entrance Fees

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