Family Heritage Tours

Every single grandchild of an Italian immigrant grew up listening to stories about their homeland,  traditions, sounds, flavors, fragrances, and emotions.

This type of tour will help you connect with your ancestors and to make it possible, we’ll ask you to provide us with any sort of information you have about them, such as documents, pictures, stories, etc.

We will collect all the information you can give us and conduct a genealogy search visiting villages, town halls, and cemeteries to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Visiting Italy to find living relatives or long-lost family friends was just a dream for many second or third-generation Italians but on these tours, we will do our best to make this dream a reality.

Once we can move freely and travel is safe again, we can tailor a tour for you to trace your lineage in person alongside with one of us who will help you go through documents, translate old records and find your connections.

To get a free quote and start planning your Family Heritage Tour, these are the steps we will follow:

  • Fill out our contact form or email us at to send us your family member’s date of birth and any other information you have.
  • We will review your request and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • We will plan your tour and provide you with a quote. 

If the tour takes place later this year and can be done in person, after your arrival in Italy, we take you to your ancestral town, look through registries at the city hall, give you a guided tour, visit churches and cemeteries, meet some local people and try to meet relatives. 

We will walk the same roads, gaze at the same mountains and eat the same traditional foods.

There is a new world to be discovered when you come and visit what your parents may have called the “old world“.

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