Rome Live Virtual Tours

As Italy begins to emerge from quarantine on May 18th, we are launching our NEW Live Virtual Tours with your guide and friend Mauro!

Our New Rome Live Virtual Tours are a great opportunity to discover Rome through the eyes of a local and experience a new way of traveling from the comfort of your home.

Join us on tour for unique views of the city and great story-telling!

Rome Highlights Virtual Tour: We will discover The Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, Via del Corso, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona, Supreme Court.

Colosseum Virtual Tour: We will observe the Colosseum from the outside and by circling the building it’s possible to understand better the ancient Rome taste in fun and the amazing skills of the Roman engineers.

Catholic Heritage Virtual Tour: We will explore the heart “Vatican City”, St. Peter’s Square and Basilica and Via Della Conciliazione from the outside since they are still temporarily closed. We will also visit the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Ancient Rome Virtual Tour: We will see the Appian Way, the original door to Rome, and also more than 15 miles of Catacombs that have been discovered underneath the century we are living on today. 

To book your virtual tour online, click here.

We will receive your booking request and send you a confirmation email with the payment instructions.

On the day of the tour, we will connect via Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp, and as we walk we will be interacting and responding to any questions you may have during our tour.

Most of the museums are still closed and others are reopening in the upcoming days, so we will be covering some of the attractions from the outside.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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